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Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers Important Notice for Bronx Residents: If you were injured in an automobile accident, whether you were a pedestrian or in a vehicle, you generally have 30 days from the date of your automobile accident to file an application form for medical benefits with the appropriate no fault insurance company. If you do not file this form with the appropriate insurance company in a timely manner, they may not cover your medical expenses for your car accident injuries. As long as you follow the correct procedures for your no fault insurance claim, it’s YOUR right to treat with a no fault doctor or medical provider for injuries from an automobile accident and have the bills completely covered. 

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Gratt & Associates, P.C. are Bronx Personal Injury Lawyers. We can help you if you have been involved in an accident in Bronx County or you reside in Bronx, New York.We handle all types of personal injuries including: