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Bronx Car Accidents Lawyers

Bronx new york car accident

Bronx Car Accident Lawyers will represent you in all types of motor vehicle accidents including:

Many people involved in auto accident are not aware of the no fault insurance laws for New York State. You can have your medical bills covered through this insurance from car accidents, bus accidents, train accidents and incidents involving MTA properties.

Motorcycle Accidents

Bronx motorcycle accident

Motorcycle accidents are very common in the Bronx. When you ride a motorcycle you have no protection.  Because of this, auto insurance companies do not cover for medical expenses due to high risk. If you have been injured a motorcycle accident then call us and we go over your options.

Bus Accidents

Bronx Bus Accident Lawyers

Bus accidents in the Bronx happen daily. These buses may be run by the MTA, The Board of Education, and private companies. Sometimes these companies do not follow regulations which can lead to negligence. If you have been injured in a bus accident in the Bronx or if you are a Bronx resident and was involved in a accident in a different state, then call us and we can advise you on your options.

Bike Accidents

bike injuries

In 2015 there were 53,163 injuries and 232 fatalities involving motor vehicles and bicycles. Many of our clients have been injured in bike accidents. We understand the difficulty of navigating through the tough streets of New York City and  we have plenty of experience finding justice for our clients in the Bronx courts. Call us,  we can discuss your case and go over your options. 

Truck Accidents

Bronx Truck Accident Lawyers

Truck accidents are some of the most dangerous auto accidents that you can experience. Apart from the physical damage and injuries that may occur, you can suffer emotional and mental damages as well. Some rules of the road are different for trucks. Call us and we can help you recover for damages due to your truck accident.

Train Accidents


Every once in a while New York State will experience a national tragedy. You may be involved in an accident in a Bronx subway station or on the train. You may also be involved in a train accident on Metro North or Amtrack which can be subject to federal regulations. Call us so that we may help you.

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